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Roblox Bloxburg | Cozy Stylish Bedroom Speedbuild [79k]


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Hello guys! Today I bring you a stylish bedroom using a new building idea to have a slanted roof. Also, I have changed my thumbnail to fit the new building style and used some new music.

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Total Value: 82k

Total time: 1 Hour 9 Minutes

Speed: 8x

Kind of video: Speedbuild

Total edit time: 20 Minutes

Total render time: 17 Minutes

Resolution: 720p at 60 fps

Bitrate: 20


Why do you use London in so many of your decals?
– Usually I do a mix of different cities and landscapes, but lately I have found a lot of good decals that happened to be in London. Plus, I visited there and enjoyed it the most, so I am planning on using those same decals in the future.

Can you add me as a friend?

– Sadly, Roblox has a limit of 200 friends. Therefor, I only keep friends who I talk to a lot, play with, or have talked to in the past (This includes friends from 2018, 2017 , 2016 and so on)

Can you donate / build me a lot?

– If I were to donate, I should donate to everyone, therefor not giving me any money for building. If I were to build everyone a lot I would have no time to build or do my own things.

How did you do undo and redo?

– Control Z (Undo) and Control Y (Redo)

How did you paint stuff so fast?

– Quick paint (Hold down shift and click the thing you want to paint, and the last color(s) you use or used will be the same on that item.

Can you edit my videos?

– Sadly, I cannot edit everyone’s videos. The only time I will edit someone’s videos is if I know them or have agreed to it.

My friend said you would do this!

– If someone says I will build them a house, donate, etc without me knowing, they are most likely lying.

I wanted this as a How-To.

– In the bottom right corner, there is a settings icon. Use that to change the speed slower or faster :).

The quality is horrible!

– In the settings icon, there is a quality button. Click that to change the quality to however you want! (720p HD Quality recommended)

Uses Royalty Free Music from Bensound and NoCopyrightSounds.

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